Friday, November 19, 2010

How do I get cooking oil spots out of clothes?

I spilled some cooking oil on a favorite pair of pants and a t-shirt. The dark spots did not come out of the pants. Also, the washing maching has a warning to never dry anything in the dryer that has had oil on it. (Even cooking oil, it says.) Will it ever be safe to dry the pants again.How do I get cooking oil spots out of clothes?
its ok belive me..and trust me... put some dawn dishsoap on the spot directly and rub it into the spot thouroughly..then let sit about 20 mins.... then wash..but do not dry til ya make sure th oil is out.. the dryer will set the stain sweetie and thats why your not to dry.. unless you dump pure oil in the dryer there wont be no fire..ok..and also get some scotchguard spot an stain remover spray for carpet..its also good for clothes like a pre wash..soak..spray down the oil spot and wash in washer.. good luck..this should come out if you havent put them in the dryer..

hugssssHow do I get cooking oil spots out of clothes?
GREAT HOPE THIS WORKS FOR YOU AS GOOD AS IT DOES FOR ME..I WORKED as a waitress for years an years so i always had to do this.. also on the scotchguard spot an stain remover i told ya about?? its called oxi spot an stain remover for carpets..scotchguard brand.great for clothes too.

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Mean Green works for me. I can only find it at the Dollar General where i live in Nashville. (Be careful and not get the one with bleach, they make both kinds.)
I pour a wash load of liquid laundry soap on the stains and roll them up and let them set for a week and then launder again! Works for me! Good Luck!
You can use Dawn dish soap, it really works.
Try pre-treating with some dish detergent. Then wash.
try a spray cleaner called ';LA's Awsome'; this is an all purpose cleaner. Ive used it on laundry - especially greasy spots and had good luck with it. in my area it is sold in the dollar type stores
FULL STRENGTH liquid laundry detergent or liquid dish liquid (cheap brands work well, too) onto stain. Rub or brush into fabric. Wait about 5 minutes then toss in washer. Check for stain after washing prior to dryer. If tough stain may have do again - - BEFORE dryer.

I use this method for all grease/oil stains/splatters and grass stains %26amp; lipstick.

I have never had to presoak or use fancy sprays for years %26amp; years. 4 grandkids %26amp; 3 adults dropping ketchup, chicken, etc.. on clothes %26amp; this method works. remember to rub in into fabric. .

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