Sunday, November 14, 2010

How to cook frozen fish sticks?

I don't have a toaster oven at home, I only have a microwave and a stove top. I tried to follow the instructions on the box to dry fry (low to medium heat, no oil, fry on pan for 4 minutes). My fish sticks ALWAYS start to get burnt on the outside but doesn't cook well on the inside. I tried lowering the heat so that it doesnt' burn so quick, the inside doesn't cook properly. If I turn the heat up, the outside gets burned. Last night my sticks looked awesome, beautiful golden brown, but after I ate it I had such a stomach ache. They were not cooked entirely!...... But if I cooked it even longer, they would've been burnt.

So..... how exactly am I suppose to cook them on a frying pan!? I'm craving it so much!

I thought of microwaving the sticks so that they're cooked, and I know they'll get all soggy. What if I fry them on a pan after microwaving them? Would that work?How to cook frozen fish sticks?
Sure, defrost them (a little) in the microwave then heat them on the stove.How to cook frozen fish sticks?
Cook half way. Microwave to finish cooking and then pop them back in the fryer to re-crisp.
Cook them on top of the stove, in skillet with a little cooking oil.
you need an oven to bake them properly.
';What if I fry them on a pan after microwaving them? Would that work? ... Yes, go ahead and try it. Experiment some. Let them cook in some oil in the pan.

You should get a toaster-oven.

But if your home may not be able to handle all of these electric heating appliances at the same time. Could blow the circuit breaker or overload the wiring.
maybe you should try another brand.
When i cook my fish sticks i usually put them in the oven and follow the directions. Maybe you should invest in an oven. Your fish sticks will be a gorgeous golden brown and taste to die for!

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