Friday, November 19, 2010

How long should I marinate my steak with this marinade?

I'm planning on cooking some steaks either tonight (if it doesn't rain) or tomorrow. I'm planning on using a mixture of Dale's marinade and Italian dressing as a marinade--that's what my dad uses and it's delicious, but I've never paid attention to how far in advance he marinates them. I know if you have any vinegars or acids in your marinade you should only marinate them for about 30 minutes, because they will break the meat down and make it mushy. I know there's vinegar in Italian dressing, but I'm not sure how much (or what's in the Dale's since it's premade). So should I marinate them for no longer than 30 minutes, just to be safe because of the dressing? Advice appreciated, thanks!How long should I marinate my steak with this marinade?
Depending on the cut of the steak, marinating it long in vinegar can improve the tenderness. If you have a cut of Round, Flank, or brisket, it will be tougher than sirloin or tenderloin. So go 2-3 hours for less-marbled and tougher cuts, and 1-2 hours for the more tender cuts. The only time-issue you might have for marinades with acids is with fish. The acid ';cooks'; the fish, if left for a while.How long should I marinate my steak with this marinade?
Italian dressing contains a lot of vinegar. In my experience longer than 20 minutes,the meat really starts to get mushy,and it's harder to grill that way. I'd check the ingredients as far as this dressing goes. If any type of acidic ingredient is listed in the first few ingredients,it's a main ingredient and the dressing contains a lot of it. And you would want to cut your marinading time down a bit if that's the case.

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