Friday, November 19, 2010

How much would it cost to switch from an electric cook top to a gas one?

The house i wanna buy has all electric appliances and i prefer gas at least for the kitchen. How much will this cost me? can i even do this?How much would it cost to switch from an electric cook top to a gas one?
well first, you need to apply for gas service from your local gas utility. this is assuming there are natural gas lines in your area. a gas service line along with a gas meter will need to be installed provided the adequate house opiping is available. inspection will need to be secured from your city as well. if your home is all electric, chances are there are no provisions for gas, just the way homes were built. one or the other. as far as cost, it can be expensive, secure 3 quotes from plumbers and so forth,and of course the cost of your cooktop - best of luckHow much would it cost to switch from an electric cook top to a gas one?
if you don't have an existing gas line.2000 or better.It all you have a crawlspace under your house or basement,then cheaper to run the pipe.If not they have to go through the attic and down the wall,they will have to cut sheetrock out if electrical is in the way.the gas line cannot be touching any wires.permits labor tank if you need 1 can be pricey but worth it in the long run if you ask me.
In addition to buying a gas cook top you would have to see if the house had the proper plumbing for a gas line. I'd guess not since it has all electric now. I think it would be rather expensive and messy to make the switch.
Can it be done: Yes.

How much will if cost: That depends on several factors. First is the cost of the actual gas appliances. Check someplace that sells them to determine the cost of what you want. If there are already gas lines in place, installation is fairly easy and may be free with the purchase of the appliances. If lines need run, it depends on the distance they must be run and accessibility to where they must be run.
A gas cook top requires a gas supply line under the stove as well as a 110 volt electric line. If these are both there, you can simply turn off the power to the electric cook top, install a gas cooktop of the same size, hook up the gas and plug the electric cord in and you are set to go.

Adding a gas line can be very pricey, depending on where it needs to come from and how you can get it to the stove area. This is NOT a do-it-yourself project. You really need to have a licensed gas fitter/plumber do this.
If the house you want to buy already has gas piped to it, just get your plumber to run a line to your gas cooktop. If not, you're talking about a major expense.
is there natural gas in the neighborhood? if so your utility company will do the plumbing up to the house, and a licensed plumber will take it from there. Time and material. Period! If no gas service, then you are stuck with Propane. Installation may be cheaper, depending on where you allow them to place the tank.

You might be able to do it yourself, but if you had to ask, I would not recommend it. Gas is not to be tinkered around with. Very safe when done right, very dangerous when Not..
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