Friday, November 19, 2010

How to remove cooking oil from my coat?

So I just pulled out my Aero track jacket and realized that there was some cooking oil on the sleeve, a rather large amount actually. So I sprayed some Goo Gone on it and pre-treated it with Shout and then washed it. However, that didn't do much at all. Anyone have any good remedies to get cooking oil out of clothes? The jacket is white by the way.How to remove cooking oil from my coat?
Remove Grease %26amp; Oil Stains:

For grease or oil, the Sugar Paste will probably work the best for you, and in addition you won't have to scrub your shirts!!

Try Sugar Paste: Sugar Paste, made of sugar and water, and allowed to sit for one hour, then wash as usual. This will usually remove anything!!

If sugar paste doesn't work, or you'd rather try something else: One cup of Tide with two cups of White Vinegar. Blot the stain well with this solution, blot with a damp cloth and then blot with solution again, this continuious cycle will allow the oil to be pulled out over a few hours, depending on how much oil was spilled.

Hope this helps!How to remove cooking oil from my coat?
use Dawn dishwashing liquid(it's designed to cut grease) and wash by hand. And be careful washing items heavily soiled with cooking oils, warnings are out about how they can start a fire in the washer or dryer. Ya might want to throw some baking soda in there too.
Tide stain remover or take it to the dry cleaner
Start ur wash, Put 1 can of coke. Thats how I get grease out of my husband jeans.
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