Sunday, November 21, 2010

How do you deal with a partner who constantly criticises your cooking?

My partner is constantly criticising my cooking expertise. Its too burnt, too sloppy, too salty, not cooked enough, its what we had yesterday and so on and so on.

The last straw came this evening when I had to cook rice and only during the cooking process did it become clear that the pan had not been rinsed out properly due to sloppy washing up, and so we had to eat washing up flavoured rice for tea.

My partner is now making gagging gestures and pulling faces

What would you do?How do you deal with a partner who constantly criticises your cooking?
LOL just LOL!

Is he foaming at the mouth yet??

I think use two should get take aways every night, use paper plates and get taxis everywhere.

Sorted.How do you deal with a partner who constantly criticises your cooking?
Let him starve, sod him.
Go on strike and tell him to cook the meals himself or the both of you and he has to do the cleaning up!

No seriously, stop cooking for him and only cook for yourself.
It's quite simple: Get him/her to make their own food in future.
tell him to make his own or get takeaway
I'd cook for myself and tell him to feed himself if things aren't up to his standard. And if the washing up isn't satisfactory for him to do it himself. Also he should show more respect, he sounds abusive almost. Are you happy with him with everything else?

My bf did the same until I did the above then he shut up.
Put your ear plugs in and sit down with a good book.
OOOHHH !!! been there done that tell him ';eat it or wear it'; and yes it ended in his lap
Go on strike for a while.
Swop chores for the week and ask him to cook for you and you do the washing up. See if he can do any better ;)
make him something that gives him real belly ache and give him something to complain about.

you could always only give him beans on toast etc, and make yourself really nice meals. and when he asks where his is, tell him you didn't think he'd like it so you didn't make him any.
I do all of the cooking, Me thinks you ought to take the left over rice and pour it liberally on to the genitalia area..
Guess who is the new cook in the house until further notice.


Just like on the trail when you got to ride the chuckwagon and cook for all the hands.
Get him off his fat Ar$3 and tell him to do it himself. Or let him starve.
Simple, cook for yourself and if they dont like it then tough luck. They can just find somthing on their own.

Try making them cook and then pull the same stunt and start complaining about anything.
I would pull a trick on him...

set up video recorder and then order his favorite meal from take out and throw away all the bags after you've picked it up and set it out like you made it.


stop and listen for his reaction..

just to see if he criticizes you..

that way you will know..

i would switch to all frozen made dinners or salads or tacos...then if he didnt like it set out the stuff and he can make it and clean up..

i dont cater to fussy hubby's

He is lucky you fix his meals anyway some women will not cook at all at least you try.

Well, it may be better if you will try to go out for dinner in one of the best restaurants in your place with your partner. Just keep in your mind that you will just gonna observe his/her reaction about the food you'll eat. If he do the same thing, that means, there's something wrong with his tongue.
Trade chores. Allow him the privilege of cooking the food, and you will do the washing up. Problem solved.

If you really want to do the cooking, it does sound like perhaps your cooking actually IS inedible....take lessons. OMG, ';washing up flavoured rice'; really is not acceptable, I certainly could not assign any blame for complaining about that.
Don't cook for him...turn the tables and just see how he performs
Tell them if they don't like the way you cook - then they can do all the cooking.
Let him do everything . Then sit back looking smug and enjoy . Revenge is a dish best eaten cold
only some one who is brain dead would complain about cooking to the person who cooks,,,,, think about it for a sec , would you do it?
Only a control freak would do this..

If he loves you he wouldn't do it.

There must be other issues, as they say.

Tell him to go back to his mother %26amp; eat her food.
I'd have him prepare the meals then if he thinks that he can do it better! I'd also push the idea of going out to eat more often. I would be ticked if someone were making gagging gestures at me....that person would be out the door with my foot, well you get the drift.
put laxatives in the next thing you make for him,,give him something to really complain about :)
Just tell him to make his own and if he's not happy with that then tell him to starve, the ungrateful get.
You mean ex-partner.
Tell him to go to his Mums if he wants to eat.
Rat poison comes to mind. Add liberally to each meal.
What I'd do is this: make him a nice meat pie, but add a lot of chopped cat food to it. Let the sod scoff it, then make him a nice pudding, laced with Ex-Lax........

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