Sunday, November 14, 2010

How long to boil spicy italian sausage?

im making sausage and idk how long to cook it..does it turn a certain color when its done?How long to boil spicy italian sausage?
you really don't need to boil them this will take all the flavour of them away, poke a few holes in the skin and place them on a baking sheet add a little water to the bottom and bake them in the oven @350F until golden keep checking on them every 10 minutes you will need to flip them over to golden on all sides,or place the on the BBQ to roast , the hole are to let the fat escape .How long to boil spicy italian sausage?
Well most sausage boils 15 minutes, it should lighten, not be redish orange. You can fry it too. Does the package have instructions? Boiling 15 will soften hard sausages and heat them through.
I know what do you mean.

...But if you use lard instead of oil, it wont crack up during when you boil in it.

It should be fried in fact.

If boiled in water, it loses tastes and color.
till it looks cooked.

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