Monday, December 12, 2011

How can I make my online cooking show a winner?

Starting June 22, i am hosting my own online cooking show online called Kickass Kookin. Its about simple ingredients and putting them together in some-what-weird and very tasty combinations. It is supposed to have a little humor in it, however, i am not very humorous.How can I make my online cooking show a winner?
you need to be outgoing and personality needs to show.Afterall look at guy and paula and the neeleys they are HITS and I also notice they cook real food americans eat not the things people have never heard of ...

People adore simple recipes without twenty ingredients and kid friendly!!!!!

can do it fast and simple..!!

crock pots are the best!!How can I make my online cooking show a winner?
Don't edit the funny stuff that happens in the kitchen out..

I always spill stuff.. cut my fingers and start little fires when I cook... that stuff is really funny and we would enjoy watching it..
Outdoor grilling and pair it with obscure mirco-brew beer. Thank you, I'll let you know where to send the check....

I brew also. I can send you some beer.
well don't just cook do some funny stuff for entertainment like u could do some cute little party or birthday recipes that look cool and taste G R E A T

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