Monday, December 12, 2011

How to eat healthy and fresh when cooking for one?

Healthy and fresh food (vegetables, fruit and poultry) comes in such large packaging that since I'm only cooking for one and can only eat so much, I end up throwing a lot of it away. Any tips for how I can use it all or save it or buy small amounts so it's not wasteful? Thanks.How to eat healthy and fresh when cooking for one?
I'll buy a package of boneless, skinless chicken breasts. The day that I buy them, I wash all of them, and place one breast in a zipploc freezer bag with about 1/4 cup of low-fat italian dressing and place them in the freezer, that way the day you want to cook it, just take one baggie out of the freezer and place in the fridge to defrost while you are at work. You can also buy the individual microwave rice packets to use as a side. You can also buy the ready made salad mixes. That way you don't waste food, just a suggestion.How to eat healthy and fresh when cooking for one?
Purchase a jucier. When the veggies start getting old, juice them. You can also use veggies in stews, soups, and even stir-fry when they have refirgerator wear. Old tomatoes can add zest to marinara sauces, for example.

As for poultry, you should be able to freeze chicken breasts, turkey burger and a number of other items. If a recipe can only be done in large quantities (e.g. chili), simply freeze the remainder in small containers and heat up just what you need.

You can also eat frozen vegetables, which are just as healthy for you (if not more healthy) than what you find in the produce aisle.
Buy veggies and fruits individually, not in those big bags at the grocery store. That way, you can just get as much as you need for a week. I'd try farmers markets and local farms in the summer and spring if you can. You get the freshest stuff that way (hopefully).

For meats, separate them into portions. For poultry, just one chicken breast or a half, for ground meat, separate into how much you want (enough for one burger, or enough for two tacos, etc.) and then vacuum seal it up. You can also wrap meet in aluminum foil and freeze it for a couple months (make sure you mark what's in it and how much is in it with a permanent marker). It comes out fresh when you need it. We buy chicken and fish in the bags that are already frozen. They last for about at least a month that way.

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