Monday, December 12, 2011

How do I get eggs not to stick to pan, without cooking spray?

I usually use cooking spray for omelettes, and I can easily use the spatula to fold the omelette over after it has solidified. But when I tried making an omelette yesterday by putting oil into the pan, the omelette stuck to the pan--I couldn't flip it, and it came out in pieces. How do cooks use oil, margarine, etc., without causing the food to stick to the pan?How do I get eggs not to stick to pan, without cooking spray?
There are multiple reasons this could be happening to you. First of all, what kind of pan are you using?

Is it a non-stick?

Also, using oil to cook eggs is just wrong on so many levels. Butter should be used. I know you might be rolling your eyes but its true. Just enough to coat the pan is all you need. It will provide a proper flavour boost.

I normally cook at a med-high temp when making eggs, and lower the heat when i get near the end of the cooking.How do I get eggs not to stick to pan, without cooking spray?
Honestly, a good non-stick pan is a must for any semi-serious kitchen maven. If it's an option for you, pick up a good ten-incher and you'll do fine. It's a great buy for your kitchen.

To answer your question, if you use a lower heat, it's not only better for eggs sticking, but it's the best way to cook your eggs anyway. Eggs respond best to a reasonably slow and gradual heating especially when dairy is added to your 'batter', ie; sour cream, half'n'half, etc. There will be some incidental sticking, but it will be greatly reduced with lower heat. Try it!
Your 'flame ' is too high, try reducing the temp and cook for a slightly longer period of time.

use a really good non-stick pan or a well seasoned cast iron one.

You can use melted butter BUT if the heat is too high the butter will burn and discolor the omlet....just lower your heat, Hon....
Make the pan hotter before the egg goes in. Also, put more oil in and let it get hot. I use butter or olive oil and don't really have any trouble.
If the egg sticks the pan may not have been clean well. They will stick every time. Use oil make hot then put eggs in, it should work.
First of all, I would not use oil for eggs. The taste is just wrong. The frying pan is your biggest worry. You need a very good one.
I use margarine, make sure you use enough..........and like the others said, make sure the pan is hot enough.
its most likely the pan is too hot, try reducing the heat a bit and you should be fine
I use a cast iron and a little bacon fat and never had on stick in 35 years of cooking
non stick pan

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