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Should I gut a fish before cooking it?

I have bought two whole fresh fish to eat. Should I gut them first and then cook them, or leave them whole to cook them?

Also, how is it best to gut a fish, and is it better to bone it before or after cooking?Should I gut a fish before cooking it?
Gut the fish, scale it, and then fillet it. Do all of this BEFORE cooking.

1. Catch a fish. I prefer bass of about 1 1/2 pounds and never keep bass over three pounds, letting the bigger ones go to catch again. You can filet any fish but bigger bream and crappie are better. Hybrids from 1/2 to three pounds are good, too.

2. Ice fish down over night. Fish left on ice overnight produce bloodless filets the next day and are much less ';fishy'; tasting, I think. Fish fileted and fried on the lake bank right after catching them are best, but if I am going to wait till I get home to clean them I always ice them down.

3. Get a good filet knife, sharpen it and find a flat table to use. The picture below shows my set-up with a board across a trash can. I like a big filet knife and I sharpen it just before starting. Many people use electric knives and they work well, but I often cut thru the backbone when I use one and hate cleaning them!


Cleaning Round Fish

1) Cut off the fins behind the head with kitchen scissors.

2) Cut off all the fins on the belly of the fish.

3) Cut off all the remaining fins (except the tail) on the fish.

4) Working from tail to head, against the direction in which the scales lie, scrape the back of a knife blade along the skin to remove the scales. Rinse the fish under cold running water to remove any scales that adhere.

5) Hook your finger through the gills and eirher pull or cut them out.

6) To gut the fish, make a small incision in the belly just behind the head and pull out the entrails. Rinse the fish thourougly under cold running water and dry well inside and out with paper towels.

This is the basic technique for cleaning round fish. If the fish is to be served whole the tail fin trimmed: it may either be cut straight across, so that it is about 1.5 (1/2 inch) long, or it may be trimmed to a V shape.


Slice fish behind the gills all the way to the backbone but don檛 sever. You'll want to angle the knife towards the head so you don't waste part of the wallet or perch fillet.

Now work the knife along backbone being careful not to cut through it. You'll want to run the knife all the way to the tail, but leave the skin still attached (don't cut through).

Now lay the fish out, skin side down. Take your sharp fillet knife and run the knife all the way down the fillet. Keep the knife along the skin so you don't waste any of the fillet.

You will cut away the fillet from the skin, so you'll only see a fillet remaing.

Take your fillet knife and go under the rib bones from the top to the bottom, cutting rib bones free. You will want to keep the knife RIGHT UNDER the bones, so you can conserve most of the fillet. It is very important to have a clean knife for this step.

After that you're pretty much done. You can see what's on the left is the final product, you can throw the rest away. Rinse off the fillet, stick it in a plastic sealable bag and fill with water until submerged (will eliminate freezer burn). Now it's ready for the freezer if not the grill or frying pan.

Also you can cut out the cheeks of the fish. This is the best part of the fish, and it's worth it!Should I gut a fish before cooking it?
Yes, you dont want to see fish guts while you are eating...
you gut them , because it's exactly what it is guts........
Yes, you'll want to eviscerate the fish before you cook it. Go here for tips:
You could save the guts and make a classic dish of Ancient Rome that will surely please the pallet of your dinner guests: Garem!

To make this fish sauce'; the fish intestines were originally used in the condiment's production. The sauce was generally made through the crushing and fermentation in brine of the innards of various fish such as tuna, eel, and others. While the finished product was apparently mild and subtle in flavor, even when compared to modern Thai fish sauce, the actual production of garum created such unpleasant smells as to become relegated to the outskirts of cities so that the neighbors would not be offended by the odor.

Garum was a sauce which, mixed with wine, vinegar, pepper, oil, or water, was served as a condiment or accompaniment with a wide variety of dishes.
Ok Gut the fish before cooking it. Then after cooking it debone it. Depending on the fish after you cook it you can lay the fish down tail away from you grab the tail %26amp; pull it toward you and most of the bones will come out that way.

oh to gut well it was easier for me to provide you with the site below than to type it all out

I've been fishing for 10 years.
no. they guts cook good and tasty. cappuccino and guts!
Yes gut it.

You don't tell us enough

What kind of fish?

How big ?

How do you want to cook it.?

FISH IS NASTY HOW CAN YOU EAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They should have dressed the fish before you bought them.They will need to be dressed and scaled before you cook them.Do not cook with innards inside.Thanks for 2.
Take the scales off the fish first and then gut. Open up the stomach cavity, on the underside and flush out thoroughly with water.

You do not sound as if you have the ability to fillet the fish so bake it whole.

After cooking present it whole and show off, serving each guest.

Use a knife to cut the fish cross ways into sections and serve. Scrape the fish from the bones first on one side then turn it over and enjoy the other side

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