Monday, December 12, 2011

How do you get rid of the stink after cooking?

I like to cook deep fly and Chinese food. But after cooking, there are always greecy smells in the kitchen and I cannot get rid of it even if I open the window or turn on the fun. How can I keep the kitchen smells fresh?How do you get rid of the stink after cooking?
try keeping the window open and the fan on even before you start- that way smells won't build up as much.How do you get rid of the stink after cooking?
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Stop cooking cats and dogs. That should prevent the smell.
How do you turn on the fun?

I just light a candle or turn on the Frebreeze Scentstories.
oust spray? and fabreeze...
Well maybe instead of turning on the fun you should tur on an industrial size fan. getting grease smell out is pretty hard ad fun isn't really gonna do a whole lot of good for getting rid of the smell, but hey at least you are going to be having a good time while you smell of grease.
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Use ALOT of lysol and try cleaning the counters with Mr. Clean All Purpose Cleaner. Or just go with 5 cans of spray of FEBREESE.
Keep a lighted candle near the stove while cooking. Follow it up with a room freshener when you have finished cooking.
You can't, all asian houses smell the same.. as well as the restauraunts, and it is a smell that sticks around. Not being a smarass though.

What you can do to PREVENT it though, is open up al the windows prior to cookng, instal an exhaust fan system with sufficient vacum to drag the smoke and smell out, and use less oil and grease based product.

A product that tends to ive off a strong scent is soy sauce, as well as sesame seed oil, fish oil, and ofcourse butter.

Use those items when cookin in smaller proportions.
usually i dont fly but when I do i turn the fan on and set a pan of boiling water with lemons and oragnes. Typically it takes a day or two to get rid of the smell. good luck!
I don't have that problem, I use an electric air purifier in the kitchen at all times.
I bathe.
A) tell him to leave

B) flush the toilet

C) cook outside


really though, cut a few fresh lemons..... that usually will do the trick
Simple, stop cooking spoiled meat. But really, is that from cooking??? when was the last time you took a bath?
Brush your teeth, then gargle %26amp; repeat. Then take a bath.
A vanilla scented candle should help with those odors. Also if you burn one while chopping onions it will prevent your eyes from stinging.
are you sure your talking about cooking, or unzip your FLY and have some FUN...
When I cook, I usually open the door and keep the gates close. Oh, turn on the fan on top of the stove and the fans at home. Furthermore, clean the stove right after cooking.
microwave a tbsp of vinegar in your microwave,it gets rid of strong odors

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