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How do I get the best flavour when cooking with herbs like basil and thyme. I add herbs but can't taste them.

Should I add them at the start of cooking and fry in oil. Should I add them at the last minute? Does it help to let the sauce stand for a while?How do I get the best flavour when cooking with herbs like basil and thyme. I add herbs but can't taste them.
If you are using dried herbs, they may have been in your cabinet to long. Dried herbs should be replaced after a few months because they lose their flavor.

Don't fry herbs unless your recipe tells you to as some can become bitter. Wilting fresh herbs is OK. But, putting some in during cooking and then finishing the dish with more just at the end will give you the intensity you want.How do I get the best flavour when cooking with herbs like basil and thyme. I add herbs but can't taste them.
Add fresh herbs at the end of cooking
always add the herbs towards the end of cooking if you want that pow! effect..just to infuse, then yes add anytime during cooking but for real flavour always at the end
most i would add at the end to get a fuller flavour. some, like rosemary or tarragon, i add earlier as they flavour the sauce well
When you are about to serve your dish quickly chop fresh herbs and add right before serving, you will notice the difference.
Fresh herbs towards the end of cooking, unless baking.

Try dried herbs instead of fresh, the flavours are more concentrated, so you usually need less of the same herb if fresh.

No, under no circumstances fry herbs!!!!!!!
add them at the end of cooking, thats what jamie oliver recommends. the longer the sauce is left to stand it will give a chance for the flavours to come out, if used ina pasta sauce then leaving it to the next day brings out the flavour more
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None of my Italian seasoning mix's do it for me any more

I would say at the point you start the simmer add the junk.

AND then you could make the sauce the day before,,.!

Just to let it mellow???
The fresh herb to dried herb ratio is 3:1 so just triple the fresh herbs. People say to add them at the end, but it depends on what kind of dish you're making. If you're cooking spaghetti sauce, don't wait until the end. I add mine halfway through so it infuses throughout the sauce. If you're making a steak, try making an herb butter by taking a stick of butter and simply mixing in some fresh herbs to taste (several tablespoons), then put a pat of the butter on your steak after it's off the grill.

On another note, the problem may not be the herbs you're using. If you have this problem a lot, it may be allergies or some other issue. Many people, myself included, have to add extra garlic, herbs, etc. in order to taste them. My father had nasal polyps that actually prevented him from tasting many subtle flavors. And yes, your sense of smell accounts for a large part of what you actually taste, especially with things like herbs, nasal problems and allergies will cause this issue.
The best way to get the flavor is to use during cooking and when you plate your food, put more on top.
don't fry the herbs. I like to use half the herbs during the cooking so the flavor mingles better into the dish, then the rest towards the end for the extra kick (and for the appearance as some herbs like parsley loose their color in cooking). Also chopping %26amp; or bruising the herbs more will release more of the flavor (especially in garlic). fresh herbs have a better but weaker flavor, %26amp; look prettier than dried herbs, so use more if they are fresh.
Don't fry them - add at the end of your cooking. Good Luck.

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