Monday, December 12, 2011

How do I condition my new cooking pans?

I was just given a good set of cooking pans as a gift - it says to condition them w/ salad oil. Is that olive oil,vegetable oil or what?How do I condition my new cooking pans?
Any of the oils you mentioned are fine. Salad oil and vegetable oil are the same thing. Or corn oil. It doesn't need to be special in any way. I wouldn't use shortening. And I wouldn't use expensive Extra Virgin olive oil--regular olive oil or Extra Light olive oil, which handles high heat better, are more sensible choices.

I'm guessing the instruction actually says that you ';season'; the pans. You can learn how to do this for a wok or any other pan at You have to re-season the pan after each washing, but it's not hard to do. You can get similar instructions from the Lodge cookware site at

The secret to cleaning a pan without soap is to run it under hot water with a brush while the pan and the food particles are still hot, right after you've gotten the food out of the pan.How do I condition my new cooking pans?
If they are cast iron you need to oil them put them in the oven at 400 for 10 min at a time let is cool and keep doing this till they turn almost black. It is called seasoning. If they are non stick or pretty much anything else there is no prep needed just clean and use.
olive oil or vegetable oil will work, although i prefer olive oil. also, make sure you don't wash them with soap, just hot water. baking soda is good to clean them with, but you might have to reseason them.

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